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 About NSD

NSD is a forward looking co-ed school offering International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Advanced Level (IAL) qualifications under Edexcel, UK, of which the school is a registered centre (No. 93108). It is also registered with Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of Bangladesh through Dhaka Education Board (No.70/English/7399).
Learning●Living● Leading is our school motto.NSD students will not only succeed in life, they will also be the future leaders in their fields of study and work. The school inspires children to become a life-long learner, an honest and intelligent individual, a responsible citizen and a contributor to the betterment of society as a whole in an ever-changing world.  
We believe an excellent education engages the natural developmental stage of each child: the preschool students joy of discovery the junior school and middle school students exuberant dynamic growth; the high school students emerging sense of purpose. Throughout their school experience, young people encounter opportunities to question, to reason, to express themselves, to discover and pursue a passion, to risk, and sometimes even to fail and to learn from that failure. Through a wide range of outstanding programmes, NSD students grow as healthy, balanced individuals and cultivate personal strengths as scholars, artists, athletes, leaders, and community servants. Through their classroom and extracurricular activities and a multitude of social interactions, they discover that knowledge about the world and their own character should be inseparable, and that knowing how to learn is as important as what one learns. A clear understanding of ones self contributes to responsible citizenship, whether that involves treating each other nicely on the playground, or respecting our mutual interdependence in a world of many races, creeds, and political views. 

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Admissions are open for 2022-2023 Session!


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